Women in Leadership - An Introduction

A Study of Women in Church Leadership

An Introduction

Whilst my intention is to explore biblically how the word of God either permits or prohibits the ability for women to hold leadership positions within the churches, I fully acknowledge that my own position on this will colour my understanding and no doubt steer my studies to some degree. That said, I hope to be able to present an honest picture and not avoid the difficult questions.

My focus will be on understanding the scripture specifically in regards to female leadership and whilst I concentrate on this aspect I acknowledge that there is much more I could say about male leadership but for the sake of brevity have limited this to where needed in order to more fully explore the aspect of women in leadership. This might give the impression of an unbalanced approach but this is simply a side effect and not intentional.

Scripture illuminates scripture. Whilst human experience, logic, emotions, reason and intellect can all be useful servants, they should never be allowed to become our masters. There is only one authority that exists for us, the Spirit-breathed Word of God. If we allow these (fallen) human attributes to guide us we will inevitably run into trouble often with disastrous, sometimes deadly consequences. It is my intention to present this analysis simply from His Word. 

Where the Bible presents a clear, unambiguous reading of the facts I think it is safe to say that we would probably all agree. However there are some ambiguous scriptures which I will attempt to get a better understanding of. However, as is always good practice when exploring any biblical topic, I will expound the ambiguous in the light of the unambiguous - not the other way around. 

In regards to the exploration of Lucy Peppiat’s book I have not majorly focused on attempting to fully explore all her arguments but rather have looked at her work from an overview position. I have favoured expounding the scriptures she features from a fresh perspective rather than from a contrary position.

It is my hope and prayer that this study will give us all a fresh revelation of God’s word and that we all might come to a consensus position that we can state with confidence and clarity to our brothers and sisters.

  1. Where Did it All Begin?
  2. Male Headship
  3. Women Throughout the Scripture
  4. Cultural Norms
  5. Spirit of the Age
  6. Orthodoxy
  7. Tricky Verses #1 - 1 Corinthians 14:34-35.
  8. Tricky Verses #2 - 1 Corinthians 11:2-16
  9. Tricky Verses #3 - Deborah
  10. Why?
  11. Lucy Peppiatt Rebuttal
  12. Conclusion


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