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Should We Run The Alpha Course?

Should We Run The Alpha Course? The Alpha Course - A Quick Refresher  A question that has recently arisen (again) in our church is that of The Alpha Course. Pretty much everyone is aware or has heard about the Church of England's evangelical course. Originally from London's Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) church, the course has now spread to many countries around the world. But is it any good? and more importantly should you run one?  The best description I have heard that sums up the Alpha Course is: Theologically light, experientially heavy. In truth, if this was the end of the matter then, although there are probably better alternatives, I wouldn't have an issue with any church going ahead with it. But sadly that is not the end of it. Apart from Alpha's obvious weakness of not presenting the entire gospel, specifically omitting or downplaying the issue of sin and judgement - it has, in my observation, some serious issues surrounding it. Road to Toronto Firstly, the cours

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